Pikes Peak Farmers' Market

              frank Schmidt; owner / operator


As the Owner / Operator of the Pikes Peak Farmers' Market, Frank can reflect back to an earlier less complicated day of doing business.  After all, he's been selling his goods in these Colorado Springs Farmers' Markets since 1979.  In doing so, he's seen many changes; such as, the Old Colorado City Farmers' Market on the west side of town.  In 2013 he had to work with the city and move the venders out of the street and into Bancroft Park.  Considering most people don't like change, most venders and customers were happy with the change; once they got used to it. 


For all Old and New customers that wish to have a vender space in  Franks Farmers' Market, please download the Application Form below, print it, fill it out, and send it to Mr. Schmidt.  He will get back to you as soon as possible.  Thank you very much; we appreciate your patronage...




it all starts with a seed !

Consider This...

A stalk of corn waiting for harvest started as a seed; our community's the same. We're planting the seed of brighter tomorrows today. The Downtown Farmers' Market gives local vendors and farmers a place to come together and celebrate good, hard, honest work - the work done by the hands of our neighbors. Come out and help us grow.  We'd love to meet you folks and let you sample some of our wholesome products...


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Pikes Peak Farmers' Market
Frank Schmidt; Owner/Operator

4802 Gatewood Drive

Colorado Springs, CO 80916

(719) 574-1283